Thursday, September 18, 2014

Auto-Synced Address Books with Click2Dial for Cisco Finesse

We have been asked many times to enhance the built-in address book gadget in Cisco Finesse, and today, we are proud to announce that we have a solution.

In other words, we believe that 2Ring PHONE SERVICES (IPPS) hosted inside of the 2Ring BROWSER gadget is the best address book solution for Cisco Finesse. Yes, the answer is this simple. To let agents dial the right phone number with just one click (click2dial), to deliver address books that can be personalized and group-managed, and most importantly, to provide a synchronization tool that allows administrators to sync contacts from multiple sources (yes, our tool comes with strong transformation rules), all you need to add is 2Ring PHONE SERVICES (IPPS).

2Ring IPPS can run with 2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse on one virtual machine, and yes, both solutions are pre-approved to co-reside on BE6K and BE7K. This is an ideal add-on for many organizations with Cisco Contact Center Express (UCCX) and Enterprise (UCCE). 

Do you dare to find out more? Make sure to schedule a live demo with one of our demo specialists.

Why one-stop shopping is the best choice for Cisco resellers

Recently I got a shopping list from my wife. I decided to go to the shopping center closest to our office, and I got everything from the list under one roof. I just had to go to the right store/bank/post office to carry out the tasks on the list.

System integrators, more specifically, solution architects, receive similar lists from their customers or prospects. They can find vendors who have only one brick for the house or those who are able to provide multiple bricks at once - as we do here at 2Ring.

We started as a vendor of add-ons for unified communications and built products such as BUSINESS FAX, PHONE SERVICES and CALL ACCOUNTING. To make these solutions even better – user friendly – we built a set of connections between our products. So, for example, your contacts from 2Ring PHONE SERVICES can be used to identify callers in 2Ring CALL ACCOUNTING, or the same contacts can be used to identify fax senders, etc.

Our focus on UC was then expanded to collaboration, and so we built a set of applications for Cisco contact centers: 
And here, we also make sure that our solutions are aware of each other. To give you a few examples, layouts or screen groups built in our WALLBOARDS can be available to agents within the 2Ring BROWSER gadget, supervisors are able to send text messages to WALLBOARDS from our TEAM Gadget, SCRIPTS & advanced wrap-up FORMS communicate with the workflow mechanism (ORCHESTRATOR) that is part of our GADGETS for Cisco Finesse, and the real-time data calculated by our WALLBOARDS can be tightly integrated into the UI of our COMPACT AGENT for Cisco Jabber, so even those users who do not use the full Finesse environment or who do not work from the contact center floor can monitor selected KPIs in the Jabber interface.

Recently we have integrated our solutions for Unified Communication with those for Contact Centers. Your contacts synchronized (from CRM, ..) to our PHONE SERVICES are available directly in Cisco Finesse, including the Click2dial option. And that`s just the beginning. 

There are also other benefits. Our applications are pre-approved to co-reside on BE6K and BE7K, and we approve co-residency of multiple 2Ring solutions on one VM – which will save your customers precious computing power.

Let`s sum up the benefits of our one-stop shopping for your UC/CC projects:
  • solutions that are aware of each other
  • same discount scheme
  • unified pricing where possible
  • affordable product bundles
  • one point of contact for purchase and support
  • savings in computing power

Do not hesitate; visit our “mall” at

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to set up a 911 Alert in 2Ring PHONE SERVICES

2Ring PHONE SERVICES is a rich package of services enhancing Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). 

This blog post focuses on alerting, which comes handy when you or any particular personnel group should be notified about a certain event. Click here for an overview of Alerting delivered by 2Ring PHONE SERVICES.

More specifically, by following the steps described below, you can create a simple alert that will send a text message to a pre-defined security group when someone on the network dials 911.

Note: If you do not have 2Ring PHONE SERVICES available, request a free 60-day trial of the ADVANCED Edition at

1.1 Creation of a Security Group
Create a group of numbers and fill it with numbers/contacts to which the alert should be sent. Such a group has to be created manually; however, once you have a group created, it can be filled manually or automatically from MS Active Directory, a database, a csv file, etc. by using 2Ring's SYNCHRONIZATION Tool. In our fictional scenario, we add contacts manually.

Go to MESSAGING –> Groups of Numbers

The list of existing groups of numbers in 2Ring PHONE SERVICES
Click on Add Number Group.
Enter Name (required) and Description (optional).
Click the Submit button.

Group of Numbers - Detail / Properties
Clicking the Submit button will take you back to the Groups of Numbers page. To assign numbers to the group that you just created, click the Arrows icon in the Action column (see it below in red).

Arrows Icon
On the next page, at the top, in the Number Types section, check the checkboxes for Extension, Jabber, and Mobile, and also check the Include Emails checkbox lower down the screen.

Who should be notified and how?
While holding the Ctrl key, select contacts one by one. When you have selected all the desired numbers, click the  button to add those contacts to the right column called “Numbers Included in the Current Group.” Repeat the process with email addresses to have those added to the “Emails in the Group” column.

Once everything looks good, click the Submit button.

1.2 Creation of an Alert Template
The next step is the definition of an alert template which is nothing more than a group of actions to be carried out when the alert is called. In our case, we will send 1) a text message to IP phones, 2) a chat message to Jabber Clients, 3) email to Security Group members, and 4) even send an SMS to the same Security Group members.

Go to MONITORING –> Alert Templates.

The List of Existing Alerts
Click the Add Template button.
Enter Name (required) and Description (optional but recommended).
Click the Add Action button.
Select Action Type: Text or SMS (the action that sends a text to IP phones and/or to mobile phones).
Fill out the fields From and Destination Group where From could be any text (e.g., 911 ALERT) and Destination group is the Security Group which you created.
Enter the desired alert text into the Text field. You can use proxy symbols in your message. 
We used these three symbols:
[ANI] – calling number (extension that called the 911)
[TIME] – start time of the call
[MAC]  MAC address of the internal device
The list of all proxy symbols is available in the help menu (take your mouse over the question mark near the Text: field). 
Similarly, add actions for email and Jabber messages. You can take inspiration from our example in the screenshot below. When finished, click the Submit button.

And here is our alert template:

Alert Template - Detail
1.3 Creation of a Rule
The definition of an alert template will not do anything itself; it is just a template waiting to be used. The alert template needs to be triggered by an event. In our case, the event will be a call to 911 (in your tests, you can replace 911 with any external or internal number). 

First, we need to configure a corresponding TAPI Observer rule. To do so, go to ADMINISTRATION –> Preferences –> Category: Caller Identification (CLID), Action: TAPI Observer List

TAPI Observer List

Note: We are assuming that you have a fully functional and active TAPI Observer (its configuration is out of the scope of this blog post).

Click  the Pencil icon in the Action column (see above).
On the next page (TAPI Observer Configuration), check the checkbox for Warning when calling specified number (e.g. 911)

TAPI Observer Configuration Settings
Fill out the form:
Phone Number – enter 911
Alert Template – select the alert template you created
Finally click the Submit button to conclude the creation of a simple 911 alert. 

Well done!

Check back later to read more HOW TO blogs in our 2Ring PHONE SERVICES series. If you have suggestions for topics, please let us know in the discussion below. And if you would like to play with this solution, a 60-day free trial of the Advanced Edition is available at

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Added Value of 2Ring’s Contact Center Solutions

I've recently gone through some of my colleagues' blogs and they are all very product centric. Yes, it is important to spread the word about all the great features that resellers can add to out-of-the-box solutions – especially now, with Cisco’s new initiative to provide APIs for everything (Thank you Cisco! :)). It is also great to learn how we have grown in terms of new products – see the recent launch of COMPACT AGENT and PRECISION SKILLING. However, I would like to take a bit of a different spin on 2Ring and look at our contact center product portfolio and state its added value.

For the Cisco Resellers / 2Ring Resellers, we bring solutions that are

1) tested against the latest Cisco products (even before their official launch).
2Ring GADGETS has passed the official IVT tests against Cisco UCCX and UCCE 10, and our team is already developing for 10.5, so once 10.5 becomes available to Cisco Resellers, our GADGETS will be ready on day one.

2) developed in a direction that doesn’t overlap with Cisco’s roadmap.
Developing a feature means that we are investing resources made available to us by our current customer base, and so we have an obligation to invest these resources efficiently. Therefore, before we invest the time of our dev team, we make sure that Cisco is not already working on or planning on adding such a feature to one of its products. This allows us to build our solutions with features that last. On top of that, this collaborative approach maximizes the value of the entire platform, with no resources wasted on building overlapping features.

3) made easy to install, configure, support and replicate.
2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse is a power-pack enabling integration and automation without the need to code. This means that it is a solution that your engineers are able to install, configure according to the customer’s requirements, and then support during its life cycle (with no need to call 2Ring to add a new button or a new tab or make any other modifications). The GADGETS are easy to replicate with other customers (in the same way as with Cisco out-of-the-box products), which has a positive impact on your profitability. Since delivering automation, collaboration, or even CRM integration is not a custom development project if you use our 2Ring GADGETS, providing these improvements will not represent a show stopper or a roadblock when the time comes to upgrade either the IS or the contact center.

To sum up, 2Ring’s power-pack of GADGETS for Cisco Finesse has a very positive impact on TCO of Cisco’s Contact Centers.

For the End-Customers, we bring efficiency and improved collaboration. 2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse are a great example of this since they automate certain tasks for agents (e.g., navigating the CRM with customer information), eliminate the number of clicks needed for certain tasks (e.g., finding the calling customer, transferring a call back to the IVR for a customer satisfaction survey, changing an agent’s state to Ready, ..), and fight against silos by bringing agents closer to the rest of the organization (contact center agents are able to reach out to remote experts or find anyone in the organization via our TEAM Gadget). Our WALLBOARDS product shows real-time data on the traffic pouring into the contact center. This allows agents to modify their communication style on the fly – they can invest more time in a customer if the wait time is short, and keep it brief and efficient during busy hours. All of our solutions focus on saving time and making agents more productive, so customers of our end-customers are served better.

Cisco Contact Center Partners, resellers, do you already deliver the above mentioned services to your customers? Good, that’s what they need. If you do so using our solutions, then it is even better. If not, then I strongly recommend that you check our web page to request a free trial of 2Ring products and to see for yourself where the real value is for your business, and also for your customers.

And please do not forget to tweet about us - @2Ring4UC. ;)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Viva Cisco Partner Summit 2014 - Las Vegas

It was a great ride. I have to thank David and Anna for an excellent job they did organizing the social media ambassador program for this event. It is always a pleasure to cooperate with Cisco folks. They always do a tremendous piece of work.

It would have been probably even more interesting in person ;), but I have to admit that the live streaming in my office was a joy indeed.

As stated in my previous blog, I always enjoy demos and it was not any different this year. They all were top notch, but my favorite was the waste management demo. 

Cisco Partner Summit 2014 has just past, but I am already looking forward to next year’s Cisco Partner Summit. There were many key messages at the partner summit. Cisco's puts great amount of effort in building great relationships with its partners.

Thanks again to all Cisco social media partners ambassadors, it was great to see passion in blogging, tweeting, retweeting, favoriting. Hope to see you all next year. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2Ring at Cisco Live! US 2014

It's that time of year again! Isn't it exciting? This year it is all going down in the Moscone Center in San Franciso, CA. 

This is not only Cisco's event of the year, but also 2Ring's. ;) In our booth 328, we will be showcasing our best product portfolio ever. If you have anything to do with Cisco Contact Centers or Cisco Collaboration in general, put us on your bucket list. Michal Grebac and Tom McCain will be more than happy to see you. You will have a chance to put your hands on the latest versions of 2Ring DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS, 2Ring COMPACT AGENT for Cisco Jabber, 2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse, and much more. We also love those who just stop by to chat about industry trends, and of course, we will have a great giveaway for everyone who visits our booth.

Since our sponsorship of Cisco Live! US is an inevitable tradition, we have created an infographics documenting our success at this show. The numbers have grown every year, and we would be very thankful if you kept us on our growth trajectory ;)

See you all in San Francisco!
The 2Ring Team

Innovation beyond expectation – #CiscoPS14

Yes, the annual Cisco Partner Summit is here! And, it started off amazingly. I am following #CiscoPS14 virtually on two screens. On one screen I have a live video feed and on the other one I have a live Twitter feed. It’s truly fascinating. For a little while I thought we might crash Twitter again, like we did at Cisco Live! US 2013. My feed was moving at an amazing pace!

The motto of CiscoPS14 should be “Cloudy with a chance of innovation,” right? Why is that?

The most amazing as always are demos! Jim & John demoed a unique waste management system running on the cloud. It was unique, spot on, and very intuitive. Would you ever consider competing with your neighbor in “trash wars”? That would be fun and useful at the same time. Even the Discovery Channel might shoot a series of “Trash Wars” eventually. Who would win the recycling wars on your street?

Anyhow, day 2 is upon us and I personally can’t hide my enthusiasm. I have installed Cisco's "Play Along” app on my smart phone and am going to give it a spin even though I am a thousand miles away from Las Vegas. So, let’s connect the previously unconnected!

See you all today! 

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Welcome, 2Ring PRECISION SKILLING, a New Member of the 2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse Family

Two short notes on 2Ring PRECISION SKILLING:

  • It is only available for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) and also for Package UCCE, in both cases for version 9 and later. 
  • It is offered in a bundle with other GADGETS for Cisco Finesse, but it is a web-based solution built using JavaScript and HTML. As such, it doesn't require Cisco Finesse for its existence and it can run in a separate browser tab.

What is this good for? Why should I care?
I am going to help myself here with a partially modified quote from one of the major US-based resellers who came to us with this request, "Legacy skills based routing allows you to assign skills to multiple agents at once, so in essence the new Precision Routing feature is a step backwards in that regard since with the Cisco CCE / PCCE Precision Routing feature, Cisco doesn’t include any user interface functionality to assign Precision Routing 'attributes' to more than one agent at a time. Any chance you have a gadget for that?"

As mentioned above, we have a solution that you can host inside of 2Ring BROWSER Gadget for Cisco Finesse or run in a separate tab of your favorite browser. Here is a screenshot to prove the solution's existence:

We focused on the supervisor's experience, so 2Ring PRECISION SKILLING provides a neat table listing agents and their skills / attributes, and on top of that

  • Skills and agents can be filtered by using a filtering box in each column. Entering a value will immediately display rows (agents) that match the entered value (< (less than) and > (above) symbols can be used for proficiency)
  • Rows can be ordered by clicking the column name. To reverse the order, click again on the same column.
  • Changed and not yet saved skill values are highlighted with a different background color until successfully saved. After successful publishing, the background is changed back to the default color.
  • A value can be changed by double clicking a cell (or by hitting the Enter key) and then entering the appropriate value. It is possible to change both types of skills - Boolean (checkbox) and/or Proficiency (1-10 value). If a cell is empty, the default value will be displayed for a short period of time.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for cell selecting and editing are supported as well:
    • Arrow keys – select cell, plus lower or increase proficiency skill
    • Esc – leave cell without changing the value
    • Enter – start and confirm editing
    • Number – place a value for a proficiency attribute
    • Space – place a value for a Boolean attribute
    • Delete – clear a value
  • Hide attributes that you don't want to see

To Wrap this Up

If you have a customer interested in precision routing, and this customer asks you if it is possible to assign attributes to multiple agents at once, you can say "Yes, let me schedule a live demo with 2Ring - they have developed a solution for that and they also have a few other Gadgets for Cisco Finesse + a very cool wallboard solution that I believe you should see too." Preferably, you have already mentioned our solutions before this precision routing feature. ;)

Back to UCCX
If you are a Cisco UCCX customer and read this blog all the way down here, and you are interested in 2Ring PRECISION SKILLING solution, please reach out to us. If there are enough of you, we will consider building this for the UCCX platform as well.

To stay in touch, please consider following us on Twitter. No junk content. If you are interested in Cisco Finesse, you should also consider joining the Cisco Finesse group on LinkedIn.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

How to Integrate 2Ring DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS with Cisco Finesse - Sneak Peak 3

The upcoming release of 2Ring DASHBOARDS&WALLBOARDS (DW) will allow you to display any of your layouts via the use of 2Ring BROWSER Gadget

A good screenshot is worth thousands of words, so here it is:
So, how can you get 2Ring DW layouts into Cisco Finesse?
The configuration of 2Ring BROWSER tabs can be the same across the entire contact center, but it can also be team specific. This gives you the power to divide agents into groups and thus create a group specific tab in 2Ring BROWSER. This group-specific tab will be a member of a screen group in 2Ring.DW (imagine it as another plasma TV hanging on a wall for a specific group of agents to see). Using the CONFIGURATION Tool of 2Ring DW, you can change which layout to display to any of the 2Ring DW screen groups / groups of agents.

If you also need agents to have the option to occasionally view a different set of real-time data, or if you only want agents to view 2Ring DW layouts within Cisco Finesse on days when they work from remote locations, simply configure 2Ring infoPANEL Gadget to include an additional button to serve as a bookmark for any of the screen groups. If pressed, a new tab in 2Ring BROWSER Gadget will open and display the desired content served by 2Ring DW. Again, the configuration of infoPANEL can be team-specific, so each group of agents can see a different set of buttons and thus access a different set of 2Ring DW layouts.

If you are excited about the upcoming release of 2Ring DW, also read these two blogs:
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And remember, the release date for 2Ring DW v4 is set for the end of March - and our free trial served from MS Azure will be upgraded shortly after.


Monday, March 17, 2014

DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS v4.0 - Coming to Mobile Devices - Sneak Peek 2 (screenshots)

The upcoming release of 2Ring DASHBOARDS&WALLBOARDS will allow you to access any of the already existing screen layouts on your mobile device - whether you are a fan of Apple, Android, or of Microsoft. It will work everywhere. 

To check on your contact center's performance, all you have to do is to open a bookmark in your favorite browser. There is no need to download and install a device-specific app. Are you excited already? If so, share this blog post via social media and help us spread the word about this awesome release that will be out at the end of March 2014.

You don't believe us? Really? Have a look these preview screenshots then:

Android: List of Layouts

Android: A Screen Layout Detail

iPhoneList of Layouts

iPhoneA Screen Layout Detail

Microsoft Surface: List of Layouts

Microsoft Surface: A Screen Layout Detail

Windows Phone: List of Layouts

Windows Phone: A Screen Layout Detail

To learn more about what version 4 of 2Ring DASHBOARDS&WALLBOARDS will bring, have a look at Sneak Peak blog #1 hereTo stay in touch, follow us on Twitter.


Friday, March 14, 2014

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” does it really? #ciscops14

Well, I truly believe that Cisco is going to destroy this legend by organizing its Cisco Partner Summit 2014 in Las Vegas. During the week of the event, I think we will be able to change the saying to “What happens in Vegas, the entire world will know about.”

This will be the second partner summit that I will be attending virtually, and like last year I am really excited. Cisco puts a lot of hard work into organizing this event and it is always spectacular. I see that some of the social media ambassadors from last year are coming back, and we also have a few new ones.

I have successfully put together my virtual agenda for #ciscops14, and have seen many great sessions on the list. 2Ring and I are looking forward to this partner summit and the announcements that Cisco executives will make there.

I am looking forward to tweeting, re-tweeting, favoriting, facebooking, blogging and what not. Let’s get ready for Cisco Partner Summit 2014, it is right around the corner!


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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


The 4.0 release of 2Ring DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS is expected around the end of March / early April, but here is your sneak peek: 

HTML Based Layouts/KPIs/Banners

Access any of the layouts built in 2Ring DW from your favorite browser. There is no need to install any specific app on your tablet or cell phone. Create standard bookmarks, and real-time data will always be at your fingertips.

HTML layouts can also be embedded into Cisco Finesse, Cisco Agent Desktop, or any other application that comes with an integrated browser.

Note: To view layouts that also include static/live video streams, flash objects, and PowerPoint slides, use the existing 2Ring DESKTOP Client or browsers with support for MS Silverlight. The list of browsers/platforms supported by MS Silverlight can be found here. The HTML based layouts, KPIs, and banner have been tested against IE 11 (incl. mobile version), IE 10, Safari (iPad and iPhone), Firefox 26, and Chrome 32.

Tabular KPIs (Filtering/Sorting/Paging/Scaling)

To display a list of agents (e.g. a list of agents consisting of agent name, state, NotReady reason code, and time in state), it was necessary to use a web-based report. These reports didn't scale like other KPIs and on top of it, the data provided by these reports had to be managed outside of the user-friendly CONFIGURATION Tool.

The added support for tabular KPIs takes care of both of these deficiencies that came with the use of web-based reports. Thanks to built-in filtering, you will be able to create multiple lists, one per every team or queue and then embed these lists into appropriate layouts so every audience receives relevant/personalized information. You will also be able to filter these lists further and only show agents who are logged in or NotReady. The use of sorting will enable you to focus agents’ attention even more on what really matters - e.g., place agents that have been NotReady for the longest time on the top of the list. Is your list still too long? No problem – the tabular KPIs include support for paging. And don’t forget, the tabular KPIs will scale in the same way as all the current KPIs to maximize the use of available space on the screen.

Sequences of Layouts

2Ring DW already offered an easy way to organize KPIs into sequences and then add such sequences into layouts. Now, we are introducing a new level of flexibility when it comes to building sequences - building sequences of entire layouts. This will allow supervisors to organize layouts in order of appearance. For example, you can display a layout with KPIs for X seconds, replace it with a layout that only or mostly contains a video or a slide-deck and run this layout for Y seconds, and then move to a layout that focuses on a different set of contact center KPIs.

Even more KPIs for UCCX

The number of KPIs provided out of the box for Cisco UCCX deployments is increased to 26, and now it will also include: Calls Outgoing, Calls Internal, Calls Preview Outbound, Calls Handled In Service Level, Calls Abandoned in XX seconds, Average Ring Time, Average Talk Time, Average Hold Time, Average Work Time, and Average Handle Time. 

Left to Right Scrolling of Banners

We listen to our re-sellers and customers from the Middle East, and so banners, message tickers, can now scroll from left to right as well.

Documentation Improvements

The documentation for DW version 4 covers all the new features mentioned above, but on top of that it will also include a new chapter on “How to build and register a custom KPI” and another chapter on “Bulk Installations of 2Ring DESKTOP Client.” Both topics will focus on helping internal IT departments utilize the solution even better 1) to build and register non-contact center specific KPIs into existing layouts in 2Ring DW, and 2) to do bulk installs of pre-configured DESKTOP Clients.

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2Ring PHONE SERVICES 7.1: Single-Step Installation Process

Quite a few engineers have managed to deploy 2Ring PHONE SERVICES on their own without getting any help from our resellers or us. The installation and configuration process is very well documented, but I, as an engineer who does many "IPPS" installs, must admit that it is obvious that as our development team was adding new features to the solution, it didn't pay much attention to the effect on the complexity of the installation process.

With the growing number of installations, we have decided to do something good for the world by saving each engineer deploying 2Ring PHONE SERVICES a little bit of time by ending the historical split of the installation process into x manual steps.

As of version 7.1, the installer will most likely look like this:

In one simple window, engineers will be able to decide which components and services to install, and they will be able to do a basic connection test to ensure that they are ready to proceed with the actual configuration of all the awesome "IPPS" services.

As always, feel free to contact me on Twitter @MartinGottfried or below in the discussion with suggestions for improving not only the deployment process, but the entire solution.

Request the free edition or a trial of the advanced edition here.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Basic Contact Center Features added to CUCM via 2Ring PHONE SERVICES v7

If you need to monitor your staff or if you need to provide a bit of desktop automation for them, but you are not yet ready to go with a Contact Center, take  a look at adding 2Ring PHONE SERVICES v7 to your deployment of Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Some of the features that you will find there:

  • Silent monitoring that allows you to listen to the calls of your team;
  • Whisper coaching that you can use to guide your team without being heard by the customer / other  party.

Directly on your Cisco IP Phone, you can see when a call is being made or is coming in so you can decide if you want to monitor the call or start whisper coaching, and then switch between these two options while listening to the call.
The list of ongoing calls in your team is also available in the web UI of 2Ring PHONE SERVICES, which is more comfortable for the supervisor, especially if there are many calls in progress.

On top of this, the supervisor may also send messages to team members (a text, image or even a page) and access basic call and message reports at any time (how many seconds do employees let the phone ring before they answer?). Of course, if you need more detailed call reporting, take a look at 2Ring CALL ACCOUNTING, which is a much more robust reporting package.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, 2Ring PHONE SERVICES is also able to bring a bit of automation. This means that for an incoming call, 2Ring PHONE SERVICES can pop-up a small Windows Client application that will provide your team with detailed information about the caller, including a link to the contact card on your web-based LOB (Line of Business) system (such as MS CRM, Salesforce, and others).

Last but not least, 2Ring PHONESERVICES also brings Black Listing functionality, so go ahead and build a list of customers who asked you not to call them or a list of those numbers from which you do not want any calls.

Is there any other contact center functionality that you would like us to bring to Cisco IP telephony? If so, let us know! If you would like to test the above, download a 60-day free trial of2Ring PHONE SERVICES here.

2Ring Team,