Thursday, April 30, 2015

Another great ride at the #CiscoPS15

Cisco has never disappointed in creating an overall superb program at partner summit. This year is no different. Even though I am participating remotely via social channels and live broadcast, I am sure being stoked again! Cisco has done it! No questions asked.

Since 2Ring's line of business focuses mostly on collaboration I was very impressed with Rowan's SPARK demo. We started using Project Squared inside our organization and now are amazed with an additional functionality that Rowan's team has created. SPARK is definitely an advantage in the business world. Aren't you tired of your 100 emails a day? I sure am! 

I am going to give it a spin and try to convince our business on using it. Wish me luck.

See you all this afternoon or morning wherever you are! 

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cisco Partner Summit 2015 on April 27—30 in Montreal, Canada

Cisco Partner Summit 2015 on April 27—30 in Montreal, Canada

It has been another great year here at 2Ring and we are happy to be back as a Social Media Ambassador at Cisco's annual partner summit this year! So, let's buckle up for the third time in the 2Ring history.

 Flashback to 2013 & 2014 - I wish I could have added these as .gif files as many of the popular sites these days ;)

John & Jim demoing a unique waste management system

Remember the "Play along" app?

Are you using one of these bad boys in your home office yet?

Most important, do not forget to tweet ;) #CiscoPS15

Let's stay connected! 2013 - ??


We are all looking forward to the next week. Let's stay in touch #CiscoPS2015